Instagram update expands video capabilities

Video on Instagram may only be a few weeks old but it has already been given a shake-up. Instagram 4.1 is no 'bug fixes' version - the iOS and Android app update contains the cost of buying instagram followers some noteworthy improvements (not least that Ice Cream Sandwich users can actually take advantage of the 15-second video functionality that iThing users have been using since June).Headlining the Instagram app update is the ability for users to import pre-shot video from their Camera Roll or Gallery as part of their 15-second clips, rather than relying on video shot exclusively from within the app.Instagrammers can also use the new trim and square crop tools, as well as utilising the frame-by-frame editing tool, to create the perfect brief clip primed for upload to the social sphere.This element of Instagram 4.1 is the latest additional battalion in the Facebook-owned company's ongoing war with Twitter's Vine. Vine does not allow users to import previously recorded video and features fewer editing options than its rival, but arguably it is Vine's simplicity that attracts users to the 6-second clip-maker.Instagram credits user feedback for the update. "Video Import from library has been one of the most requested features from the community since the launch of Video on Instagram," says a press release on the Instagram website.

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Instagram is ditching the iconic square

Instagram is known for its iconic square photos, but the company will turn the entire Instagram concept on its head by embracing landscape and portrait photography. On Thursday, Instagram rolled out an upload pictures to instagram online to its iOS and Android apps, that dismantles the square. The update will allow people to upload horizontal and vertical photos and videos without forcing them into a pre-sized square box. It's the biggest change to come to the application since its inception—no longer will Instagram be hallmark of polaroid-like photography. According to Instagram, about 20 percent of photos uploaded to the service are vertical or horizontal photos edited with apps like Squareready, an app that puts borders on your photos so the whole thing can be saved on Instagram instead of cropping out important bits. Now, Instagram will host those photos natively, without the awkward borders, but with the same Instagram filters we all know and love. Instagram has been working on this change for a while, Ashley Yuki, Instagram product manager, told the Daily Dot in an interview. The company regularly receives feedback requesting support for not-square photos from users."We think most people will continue to post the majority of their moments in square on our platform," Yuki said. "[But] sometimes people have moments that are really important to them that they want to share, but don’t fit into a square."

Today’s Instagram Update Could Ease the Dreaded @ Wars

The social network introduced Instagram Direct in 2013. how to gain followers on instagram free It wasn’t exactly a messaging service so much as a way to share private or semi-private photos with someone or a group of someones. If you had an image that a handful of people might like but you didn’t want to post for all to see, you could quickly and easily send it to a select audience. So in that way, Instagram Direct was more of a privacy option, or at least that’s how it felt.Now, Instagram is updating Direct. The revisions allow threaded conversations so you can chat about photos instead of simply commenting on them. You also can start group chats, which remakes the experience of communicating on the platform, which, even in Instagram Direct, always has been done in the comments. The UI of an ongoing conversation feels very different than comments posted in response to something, a point Ann Baum, a lead engineer on the project, understands. “We wanted to make a place for conversations to keep going, to enable that back-and-forth,” she says. “Now if you want to respond and send a new photo, you have a place to do that.”

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